A.I. BRISE mode

Maximizes the fresh healthy air
Smart enough to adjust to meet your uniqueness

Multiple BRISEs collaboration

Seamless protection
Higher filtration efficiency
Better sensor precision
More space saved

Smart filter management

Dynamic calculation of the filter’s remaining lifetime to ensure consistent clean air and minimal filter replacement costs


1. Tell BRISE your personal needs

Tell BRISE APP about your room type, room size, personal preferences, and then leave it to BRISE

2. Indoor and outdoor information is at your hand

With advanced built-in sensors and Internet open data collaboration

3. BRISE AI Engine

BRISE A.I. engine is the core technology of BRISE and consists of knowledge from many experts. It can also learn from you. Therefore, BRISE can provide you the best air quality and filtration efficiency, in term of energy and costs.

Multiple BRISEs collaboration

Collaboration is simple with the APP

Two BRISE purifiers in different rooms can easily setup to collaborate, intelligently working in synch for mobile family members and safeguard from dynamic pollutants

BRISE purifiers

e.g. 50m2 living room

Standard Purifiers

e.g. 50m2 living room

Smart filter management

What BRISE filters

1. Our 5-layer air cleaning system can filter particles of all sizes safeguarding you and your family members from harm.
2. It can effectively filter particles, allergens, germs, industrial pollutants (PM2.5), odors, and VOCs.
3. To ensure the air released is as clean as possible, we utilize photocatalyst technology to destroy harmful bio organic compounds.

Filter layers

Combo filter

Activated carbon pre-filter

locks hair and dander

Anti-bacterial cloth

Slows bacterial growth

HEPA filter

Blocks up to 99.9% PM2.5

VOC filter

Removes odors and harmful gases such as formaldehyde

TiO2+UV lamp

Inhibit bacteria

Smart filter lifetime

Not like other conventional air purifier, BRISE dynamically calculates filter’s remaining lifetime based on actual usage and condition. BRISE ensures constant clean air and minimize the filter replacement costs.

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